Our Daily Intensive Hand Cream is Dermatologically Tested!

As you might know by now at Salcura we make highly effective and natural products for those suffering with sensitive and dry skin. Our Daily Intensive Hand Cream was delicately made to soothe, nourish and protect your hands from the harsh environment they face day in and day out all year round. Our hands are always exposed to environmental changes, harsh products and for many, the skin can become irritated and sore. That's why we developed our hand cream, with a pH of 4.6 (skin average is 4.7) it's the perfect daily moisturiser for dry hands as well as hands prone to skin problems such as eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis. We are excited to announce our Daily Intensive Hand Cream is officially dermatologically tested!

What does Dermatologically Tested Mean?
Dermatologically tested is when a product is accessed for any potential irritations or allergic reactions. For a product to be dermatologically tested, it has to go through trials and be tested on a number of people. The process involves patch testing on human volunteers. The patches are left on for 24hrs to 72 hours and a dermatologist will then look at the results and observe any effects on the skin caused by the product such as redness, swelling, and allergic reactions. The process is then repeated. When a product is deemed to be "dermatologically tested"  it means that it will not cause any skin reaction.

What did the results show for our Daily Intensive Hand Cream?
Our Daily Intensive Hand Cream results concluded that the use of the product will not cause any unwanted skin reactions due to an irritating effect. The test panel included 30 adult male and female subjects. This test group included various skin types, such as (very) dry, oily, mixed, normal, and sensitive. The cream showed no evidence of a skin reaction from the volunteers after conducting patch testing for 24, 48 and 72 hours according to the internationally recognised guidelines of ICDRG (International Contact Dermatitis Research Group). 

How does our Daily Intensive Hand Cream help dry hands? 
Our Daily Intensive Hand Cream nourishes, hydrates, and soothes those dry, rough hands.⁠ ⁠It is naturally derived from scientifically proven active ingredients such as urea, glycerin & lactic acid which help soothe and nourish dry hands⁠. It absorbs quickly, feeding the skin healthy nutrients, alleviating dry, rough skin issues⁠. It contains no nasties, no perfume or other synthetic skin irritants. 

Every day we disturb our natural pH balance by washing our hands, using hand sanitiser, typing, cooking - our hands never stop. Nourish your hands with our hand cream rich in natural oils & extracts such as Olive, Safflower, Sea Buckthorn, Aloe Vera, Chamomile & Rosemary.  Try it here


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