Salcura Skin Savers

Earn Rewards

Salcura Skin Savers are here to save you money!

Our customers and community are super important in everything we do and that's why we want to give back and thank you for all your incredible support. 

Earn points whilst you shop and convert those points into rewards.

How it works

Simply click the Rewards tab in the bottom left of our site. Sign up or log in with your customer account and start earning! Every time you make a purchase we will reward you with 2 Salcura Skin Saver points for every £1 spent!

Earn and Spend Points

How do I earn points?

Sign up for our newsletter and we'll send you 10 points!

Let us know your Birthday and we'll send you 200 points to celebrate!

Earn as you shop we'll send you 2 points for every £1 you spend!

Ways to Earn

How do I spend my points?

As you earn and collect more Salcura Skin Saver Points you can convert these into vouchers to use at the checkout:

Ways to Spend