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Welcome to the Salcura Skin Savers Club!
We have so many amazing and loyal customers that we want to make sure we support you in every way possible to get the very best Salcura deals. There are many ways to earn Skin Saver Points, all giving you lots of discounts on your orders. We designed this Loyalty Program with you and your skin in mind - we hope you like it!

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 How it works

It is very easy! Once you have signed up there are many ways you can earn Skin Savers (points).

• The moment you sign up, we give your 25 points as a big thank you for joining our Loyalty Club.

 • You automatically receive 2 points for every £1 you spend with us. You don't need to do anything, every time you order the Skin Savers get added to your account, ready to be spent on your next order.         
• If you love our Skin Savers Club, and of course Salcura Natural Skin Therapy, you can help us by sharing and liking our Facebook page or following us on Instagram. For all of those actions we will make sure to reward you with 10 extra points.

• If you let us know when your birthday is, we will give you a little birthday gift of 50 points!

How to redeem

 Again, it's very easy! Once you have collected enough Skin Savers, you can redeem them in exchange for money off your next order. There are 3 ways to redeem.

•  75 Salcura Skin Savers will give you £2.50 off your next order

 •  125 Salcura Skin Savers will give you £5 off your next order     

•  200 Salcura Skin Savers will give you £10 off your next order  

Minimum order quantity is £20. Once you are ready to redeem your Skin Savers, you will receive a unique discount code - exclusive to you to spend on your next order! Start earning your Salcura Skin Savers now!
*Cannot be used in conjunction with subscribe and save. VAT & shipping fees are excluded.