World Cancer Day - Why we support PCRF

February 4th is a day of great importance for many people around the world. 1 in 2 people will develop some form of cancer at some point in their life; cancer can really take hold of anyone at any time. Therefore, it is vital that we set aside time in our lives to pay attention to it and help in any way we can, to see it defeated once and for all.

World Cancer Day holds particular significance to us here at Salcura, as our Director Claudia Talsma lost her father to pancreatic cancer just over 4 years ago. While he went through chemotherapy, he found that his skin became incredibly dry, sensitive and itchy and found that Salcura’s DermaSpray was the only product that his senses could stand as he went about treatment. Its natural ingredients and refreshing natural scent were easy on his nose, as the chemo had caused him significant nausea, and he found the spray format easy to apply. The lightness of the Spray soothed his sore skin as he focused on the fight at hand.

Sadly, Mr Talsma lost his battle and, ever since, combating cancer has been close to our heart as a company. That’s why we donate 1% of every sale directly to the Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund and now, for this month, we’re doubling that commitment, so that we can hopefully see cancer beaten for good very soon. In the time since Claudia’s father passed, countless people have reached out to our team for advice on dealing with skin issues as they go through the same thing. While there is good reason for optimism, as cancer survival rates continue to increase around the world, more can be done in terms of making patients more comfortable, so that people can concentrate on the important battles without being distracted by unnecessary skin issues on the side.

Claudia & her father

Research shows that some chemotherapy drugs and radiotherapy treatments can cause the skin to become extremely dry and sensitive. High-dose cancer treatments can cause a nasty skin rash which can be painful and itchy. (Cancer Research)

Dry and itchy skin seems to be an inevitable side-effect of cancer treatment. The radiation involved with chemotherapy and radiotherapy can play havoc with a person’s skin, drying out and reddening it, and causing substantial irritation to someone already in considerable amounts of pain and distress. Likewise, hospital skin ointments are often petroleum-based which, while not harmful, are not easily absorbed through the skin and can feel thick and unpleasant.

Our DermaSpray is very light, a colloidal solution mimicking the body’s own fluids, like blood and sweat. As a result, it is much more easily absorbed by the body. Another bonus is that it requires no rubbing in at all. It is incredibly gentle, so just spray it on and let it sink in. A cancer-sufferer’s skin can be very sensitive and is liable to break in some cases. With a spray, you don’t have to worry about introducing bacteria with your hands or exacerbating already inflamed skin. The spray element makes it easy to apply to difficult-to-reach areas, making it more suitable and convenient for the elderly, disabled or just for those people who’ve had a particularly tough day and find themselves in need of some relief.

Our wash products, such as our shampoo, conditioner and face and body washes all avoid ingredients that are commonly known to irritate the skin. The omega-rich formulas start to reintroduce moisture into the skin while you’re bathing, so as not to allow your skin to dry out when you might otherwise have been washing those vital natural oils out of your skin. There are no added fragrances or smells, just natural essential oils.

Our heart goes out to everyone affected by cancer, whether in the present or in the past, directly or indirectly. Please reach out to our team if there is anything we can help you with or with any questions you may have.

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