Find us in 700 Holland & Barrett stores

You may have walked along your local high street and spotted or even visited a Holland & Barrett. Did you know Holland & Barrett is the UK's leading health and wellness retailer? This is why we are incredibly excited to announce that selected Salcura products are now available in almost 700 stores all over the UK! 
Whilst it's incredible to be displayed amongst their carefully selected natural products, there are many other reasons we want to celebrate this achievement. 

Shared values...

Whilst Holland & Barrett is of course a much bigger company than Salcura, at the core we share the same values. Their holistic approach to health and wellness is something we strongly relate to, and we feel that they truly understand that healthy, strong skin comes from the inside out. Furthermore, we appreciate Holland & Barrett's commitment to the environment and our communities. That's why, in line with their 'Plan it Green Project,' we also take care of our planet by making our products recyclable.


Another thing we love about Holland & Barret is how dedicated they are to their associates and customers understand how Salcura can support and benefit the skin. Their staff are fully trained on product safety, and we know they can offer the correct advice and knowledge on our Salcura products. Our Salcura ranges are regularly discussed and quizzed among their staff to make sure they are always up to date with the benefits of our products.
If you need further advice, you can book a free skin consultation here.

Easy Access...

Although we are easily available online, we know we have many customers who would like to try the products in store, are not quite so digitally savvy or just prefer to speak to a friendly face. That is why we are so happy to be stocked in Holland and Barretts all across the country, making it easier and sometimes even quicker to find your favourite Salcura products in your local store! Try our store finder to find your local stockist here.



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