Topida Intimate Hygiene Wash Event

Thursday the 25th of May on (rare) sunny day , we celebrated the launch of our Topida Intimate Hygiene Wash. We were joined by beautiful influencers, all of who are advocates of skin , body and mental positivity. Influenced by their own individual skin journeys, they know far too well how hard it is to speak about certain subjects which are still considered taboo in the 21st century! The purpose of our intimate event, was not only to introduce our newest product but to openly talk about all things intimate health. 

We were proudly joined by nutritional therapist and female health coach - Jodie Brandman. She brought her wealth of knowledge from how to maintain a healthy vaginal microbiome, to boosting fertility through natural proven methods and so much more. 

All our guests loved our round of fact, myth or questions: vagina edition! Check out our blog to find out the intimate details we hardly talk about, when it comes to vaginal health. 

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