Holiday Skincare Routines

 Planning a holiday with sensitive skin can be challenging, particularly when dealing with sudden temperature changes. For those prone to dry skin, both hot and cold weather can exacerbate skin issues such as itchiness and eczema flare-ups. At Salcura, we strongly believe that no skin condition should stand in the way of having a good time and experiencing your favourite activities. This is why we have created a list of travel skincare routines that will help you keep your sensitive and dry skin under control while ensuring you enjoy your time away:

  1. Use salt water & anti-itch shampoo: Soothe dry and itchy scalp by massaging a mixture of salt and water onto your scalp before shampooing. The salt helps remove dead skin cells and can act as a natural dandruff treatment. Make sure to wash and condition your hair with lukewarm water, using gentle products that don’t contain chemicals known to irritate sensitive skin. Our Omega Rich Shampoo and Conditioner are infused with skin-essential nutrients which deeply moisturise your scalp, soothing itchy and flaky skin.
  2. Treat flare-ups with spray & moisturizer: When dealing with eczema, changes in environmental conditions are likely to irritate your skin. So, it’s important to have quick and effective skincare solutions on hand to soothe dryness. Our Bioskin Dermaspray Intensive is a cooling spray that quickly penetrates deep into the skin, providing relief from itchiness. Its fine liquid form allows you to target the hard-to-reach areas like the scalp, without the need for rubbing. Combine it with the Bioskin Zeoderm Skin Repair Moisturiser to deeply nourish dry patches, and to help your skin regain its strength. Both products come in travel-friendly sizes of under 100 ml, making them ideal for your dry-skin needs on the go.
  3. Refresh & cool intimate area daily: Maintaining proper intimate care and pH balance is essential, especially when engaging in activities like swimming, which can disrupt the vaginal environment. Our Topida Intimate Hygiene Wash gently cleanses your intimate area and helps prevent infections by inhibiting the rapid growth of unhealthy bacteria and yeast. Enforce an intimate care routine during your holiday and say no to dryness, itchiness, or other vaginal discomforts!
  4. Nourish regularly with a pH-balancing hand cream: An essential item to pack, especially for dry climates, is a deeply moisturising hand cream. Taking part in regular outdoor activities can leave your hands feeling drier than usual. Our Daily Intensive Hand Cream is enriched with natural extracts that feed the skin with healthy nutrients, alleviating rough skin issues, and ensuring your hands remain hydrated and soft throughout your holiday.

By following these simple skincare changes, you can fully enjoy your holidays away while preventing skin irritation. Follow our tips to minimise the effect of environmental changes – your skin will thank you!

All our products are packed with scientifically proven natural actives which are high in vitamins and minerals to support the skin’s natural healing process. We never use steroids, paraffin, parabens, synthetic fragrances, or other ingredients which are commonly known to be unsuitable for sensitive skin. You can find out more about all Salcura product ranges here.

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