Salcura in action: Amazing Results

At Salcura we are proud advocates of healing your skin from within. You might have seen that we consistently promote a holistic approach to skin care. This means that your skin needs the right foods, the right environment, and the right products to get better. Skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis might not have a cure but there are many ways to reduce flare ups and prevent it from worsening. If you are prone to dry and sensitive skin, switching to a natural skincare range could make a huge difference to your skin.
Since the 90's we have been understanding and developing formulations for allergic and dry atopic skin conditions. Since then, we have expanded our ranges to support children’s delicate skin, acne prone skin and the intimate area. The one thing that has remained the same throughout, is the effectiveness and natural approach to skincare. Below we share some great results from customers who have incorporated Salcura to their skin journey.

Bioskin Dermaspray Intensive & Zeoderm Skin Repair Moisturiser

"Having suffered from severe contact dermatitis on the palms of my hands for many months I was becoming exasperated by this debilitating condition when prescribed steroid creams failed to have any effect long-term in getting the damage repaired. After a friend recommended Salcura I started to use the intense DermaSpray in conjunction with the Zeoderm cream and within a really short space of time my hands were healed. I continue to apply this life-changing cream regularly to ensure my hands are hydrated and to guard against any further outbreaks. I cannot recommend these products highly enough, and the fact that they are totally natural with no nasties lurking in them is so reassuring. - Jackie

Bioskin Dermaspray Intensive & Zeoderm Skin Repair Moisturiser

“Following on from the amazing transformation in skin health on the palms of my hands which reported to you after applying your healing products, here are some more incredible results from my brother Nicholas who has asked me to send on to you. Having recommended he use your DermaSpray and Zeoderm Cream to treat psoriasis on his elbows, he cannot quite believe the rapid transformation he has seen in just one week. The turnaround is amazing after battling this condition for so many years with unsuccessful steroid-based treatments. Needless to say, he is beyond happy with the results. Salcura has proved to be a life changer for us both and we will continue to use your highly effective repairing treatments to ensure our skin remains dermatitis and psoriasis free” - Nicholas

Bioskin Junior Range 

"The photos are of my son’s skin at 4 different stages and is now completely clear. As you can see it wasn’t just in the typical eczema areas, in the creases of the backs of his knees and elbows but was all over his trunk, front and back. We tried various steroid creams, and other thick emollients that we were prescribed by the GP but nothing worked. His skin was so itchy and we were at our wit's end! I was recommended your Bioskin Junior range by a friend and it was amazing. It’s the only thing that worked and I have recommended it to other friends for their babies' eczema and dry skin. We also use the bath range too! His eczema is allergy related so now that we have his diet under control we don’t need to use it quite as much as we did when these photos were taken but when we have a flare-up it is a godsend!  - Steph

Antiac Range 

Absolutely the best products &company I've ever found. I have had lifelong issues with acne and cysts and dry skin etc, so I have tried many, many products in my life. I will never use anything else now! Thank you! - Emily 

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