Where to buy Salcura?

We often get asked the question where one can most easily purchase our products, which is a question we happily answer!

Let’s give you a list of all the places you can purchase our products in the UK!

portmans pharmacy salcura

We’d like to start by mentioning the stores that started stocking us all the way back when we started, nearly 10 years ago. Martin still sometimes reminisces about the time he would fill up the trunk of his car and drive down to London from Grimsby to visit independent pharmacies like Baywood Chemist (Notting Hill), Wigmore Medical (Marylebone) and Pestle & Mortar (Kensington). These amazing independent pharmacies have supported us for such a long time, we always like doing something extra for them. That is why you will always be able to get free samples at these stores. Additionally, we have created a special Loyalty Card, which you can only get at independent stockists. The Loyalty Card allows you to receive a stamp with every product you purchase. After 10 stamps, you can select a free product of your choice. As you receive a stamp with every single product, not just every purchase, you can imagine how quickly you can get up to 10 stamps!

Over the past decade, more and more independent stockists have taken us on, with currently around 500 independent Natural Health Stores and Pharmacies stocking Salcura nationwide. Have a look at our stockist list to see where you can buy Salcura. We do always recommend giving the store a call before heading over, just to make sure they have your favourite product in stock. If they don’t, feel free to ask if they can get it in for you – as they definitely can! Usually, independent stores can get hold of products within 24-48 hours so you never have to be without your Salcura products.

demo wholefoodsIf you live in London, besides the amazing independents, you can also nip into smaller health store chains like Revital, Planet Organic, and Wholefoods. These wonderful stores also have free samples available and regularly run great offers on our products.

If you live in Scotland, make sure to nip into any of the Jan de Vries stores. These lovely stores stock most of our products and also have a selection of free samples for you to try.

Finally, this year we have welcomed a brilliant new stockist where you can buy Salcura. Since the summer you are able to purchase most of our Bioskin and Antiac range from 555 Holland & Barrett stores across the United Kingdom. We are incredibly proud to be stocked in such an amazing chain and are looking forward to solidifying our partnership with them and ensure you are able to get hold of all of our ranges easily near you.

If you are still unsure where to buy Salcura locally, please do check our stockists list or contact us via email or telephone. If your preferred local store does not yet stock us, but you feel they should, please make sure they get in touch with us. We are always happy to welcome more stores and give true Salcura support!

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