As many of you know our Hydrators have been out of stock for a while and we receive many questions daily about them. We wanted to let you know after a long discussion we have decided to discontinue the production of Omega Rich Face and Body Hydrators. We have closely and elaborately reviewed the ingredients in our Hydrators and have to the conclusion that they do not fit our company’s ingredients philosophy. For example, our Hydrators contain a Palm Oil derivative, which is an ingredient we vehemently want to avoid using due to the consequences the production of palm oil have to the environment.


We know some of you really love our Hydrators, therefore do not be afraid, we are looking to produce completely new Face Moisturisers, containing amazing ingredients like Sea Buckthorn, Lavender and Sunflower. However, as you can imagine creating a completely new product takes a bit of time – especially with the high levels of quality we strive to achieve!


Bear with us whilst we continue to develop and keep your eyes peeled on anything new. You will be the first on to know.


In the meantime, why don’t you try our Dermaserum.


Our Dermaserum is a beautiful, gentle and light face serum, which can be used on a daily basis to ensure a deeply hydrated and nourished skin. Especially for people who are known to have dry to very dry skin, this nutrient-rich serum will make your skin feel more balanced and healthier. Bioskin Dermaserum can be used on the more sensitive areas of the face, around the eyes and mouth.


Shop our Bioskin Range which is suitable for both face and body.

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