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There are so many product choices and so many questions. What does this ingredient do? What kind of products do I need for red skin? Are your ingredients natural? To help solve some of these questions you’ll find answers to some of the most common questions people have about how to care for their skin.

Bioskin Junior

Are Bioskin Junior products safe to use on very little ones?

Our products are designed for your little ones. However a baby’s skin can be very sensitive, even to the natural oils in our products. We always recommend patch testing any skincare before you use it, just to make sure the oils don’t sting. If the skin does not respond in 24 hours, you will be totally fine.

How quickly will my child’s skin be better?

Every skin is different so we can never answer that question with a full guarantee. However with a child’s skin often still being quite pure, some customers see improvement overnight. Don’t worry if not though, the skin can take much longer to recuperate!

Can I use Bioskin Junior as an adult?

Our Bioskin Junior products can also be used as an adult, and many people already do! If you know your skin has become highly sensitised over the years, it might be that the oils and extracts in the Bioskin products are a little too potent for you. In that case, the Junior range might be more appropriate. The Junior range is not less effective, just a bit more gentle!

From how old can Bioskin Junior be used?

We recommend using Bioskin Junior from around 3 months old. The products are safe to use before that time, but we just want to be extra safe with your little one’s sensitive skin and as the products are designed to really activate the skin, the oils might be a bit stingy – particularly in the Rescue Cream. Please do know that if you need to use the products on your baby, it should be absolutely fine – many people do. Just patch test to be sure the cream and/ or spray do not sting.


Which products should I use for my dry & dehydrated skin?

We like to recommend the Bioskin range for anyone with dry skin. The vitamins and minerals found in the products are designed to provide maximum hydration. Which product you specifically want to use, if of course dependent on the severity of your dryness and which part of the body your skin is dry. For severely dry skin, we recommend using the Zeoderm Skin Repair Moisturiser, which is a deep treatment cream. The cream is also suitable for those who may be prone to skin allergies like eczema and psoriasis. For those we recommend using the Dermaspray Intensive in conjunction with the Zeoderm, applying the Zeoderm after the Dermaspray has sunk into the skin. If you have dry skin on your face, consider using our Deraserum, possibly also in conjunction with Zeoderm on those bits of skin that need a bit of extra help. 

Why do you recommend using Bioskin for at least 4 weeks?

We recommend to use our product for 4 weeks because of the skin cycle. Every 28 days your skin will generate and develop new cells which will grow through each layer of the skin starting from the subcutaneous layer. At the Epidermis layer, old cells which shed off. Our formulation helps to provide nourishment to the new cells being developed so as they grow through, they come through in a healthier, more nourished condition

How does a Spray work for Dry Skin?

At Salcura we love using Sprays, we have one in each of our product ranges! Dr Schiele originally developed the Sprays as he was trying to mimic the body’s natural fluids (such as blood and sweat). By mimicking the body’s fluids, it made it so much easier for the skin to not only absorb the fine liquid in the Spray quickly and deeply (more so than with a cream), it also allows the body to more easily absorb all the vitamins and minerals found in the Spray products. And lastly, the Spray formulation allows us to put a lot more natural oils in the product that we could ever do with a cream consistency!


Is Topida safe to use during pregnancy?

We have never received any negative feedback with the use of our products during pregnancy. However if you know you are intolerant or allergic to any of the (natural) ingredients in our products we always recommend consulting your GP first.

What is causing my intimate area to feel imbalanced?

Feeling itchy or uncomfortable is a very common and natural occurrence, it is just your immune-system playing up. A weak immune-system due to stress, hormone fluctuations or many other things can cause all sorts of imbalances, also in our intimate areas.

Will my itchiness go away forever?

With our Topida range we aim to help you get a healthier and more balanced intimate area. Symptoms like itchiness should subside. However, as our immune-system can always weaken, itchiness might come back. Just feed your skin the healthy nutrients Topida provides and you will get your healthy back.


Which products can I best use for my acne-prone skin?

The Antiac range consists of 4 products, two Activ products for deep cleansing and support, our Spray & Gel Serum, and two Daily products for every maintenance, our Wash & Wipes. We generally recommend using the Activ range when you feel your face needs intense care, the Daily products can be used on the days that your skin is a bit calmer and needs daily gentle cleansing.

What makes the Antiac products so effective?

The Antiac range is filled with natural oils and extracts all designed to help the skin. Plus they contain the clinically proven ingredients Skinwell DFA and ZPA plus. These last two ingredients have the proven ability to significantly reduce the bacteria associated with Acne symptoms. The natural oils and extracts containing lots of vitamins and minerals will ensure your face is provided with the right nutrients to find a healthy balance.

Antiac products use essential oils, will this clog my pores ?

Not at all, our unique formulas have been designed to help reduce bacteria trapped in the pores of the skin and to reduce redness and inflammation. All non comedogenic!

What do I use first, the Antiac Wash or the Spray?

In the Antiac range we have currently 4 products, 2 Activ products and 2 Daily products. We recommend using the Activ Spray and Gel Serum on your days when the skin needs more care and attention. Use the Spray to deeply cleanse the skin, the liquid of the Spray sinks in so far that it is able to cleanse nearly from the inside out. Spray it back on and let it sink in to ensure your skin gets feed the healthy nutrients. You can add the Gel Serum on the spots and blemishes that need targeted relief. The 2 Daily products we recommend using when your skin is in a good place and only needs maintenance. The gentle cleanser will allow your skin to thrive and glow. The wipes will allow you to cleanse on the road, or to take off make up successfully!


Is this product safe for vegans?

Yes, they are as we do not use any animal derivatives in our products.

How long before I see results?

Every skin is different, so how quickly you see improvement varies per person. We have however designed our products to ensure you will see a visible improvement within one life cycle of the skin, which takes 28 days. When it comes to the skin and its challenges please bear in mind that an overnight ‘cure’ does not exist. The skin needs time to find a balance again, plus other factors might come into play – what other products are you using or have you used, what diet do you follow, etc. We try and make our products as effective as possible, providing you with a long term and sustainable solution, but we do ask you to be patient and persistent. Make sure to use the products often, a few times a day in the beginning even, and make sure to continue to use them even when you see your skin improve. And if you feel the products really have made no difference, please know that we have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. 

Are Salcura’s products tested on animals?

No, our products are not tested on animals, making them suitable for vegans & vegetarians.


Can all Salcura products be used on sensitive skin?

In one word – the answer is yes. However, every skin is different and especially with sensitive & allergy-prone skin we always recommend patch-testing any skincare, including ours. Try it on a small part, if the skin does not respond within 24 hours you are good to use it.

Do you send out samples?

You can order samples on the website. Or you can get free samples at any of our stockists. Find our stockist page here LINK.

What are naturally active ingredients?

Naturally active ingredients are those natural ingredients we use that actively work with your skin to make it healthier. You can think of ingredients like Lavender, Eucalyptus and Sea Buckthorn. We like to fill our products with lots of naturally active ingredients to ensure your skin gets fed the right vitamins and minerals to ensure a healthy and therewith happy skin.

How long has Salcura used naturally active ingredients in its products?

We always have! Our founder Dr Martin Schiele believed that when it comes to the skin, you can achieve more by using naturally active ingredients with a proven ability to help the skin instead of suppressing the symptoms that the skin may display, think of dryness and itchiness. By feeding the skin lots of nutrients you will experience the skin becoming stronger and better balanced. It does not happen overnight, give your skin time.

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