The majority of people start the New Year off with the classic ‘New Year, New Me’ or ‘I’m going get in shape this year’. It is believed that only 8% of us actually stick to our New Year’s Resolutions, so why not try one which is a little more realistic and simple – To look after and nourish your skin on the inside and out?

There are many natural ingredients out there which are perfect to consume and assist with the hydrating of your skin. There are heaps of anti-aging and soothing & repairing oils, which can be used in your diet and also in your skincare products to maintain healthy looking skin.

Sea Buckthorn oil is known for its combination of vitamins, such as vitamin A, K, E, C B1 & B2. It is believed that the combination of the fatty acids in this berry actually stop the body from storing so much fat (result!). Additionally, Sea Buckthorn oil is well known to nourish the skin cells and reduce inflammation when used in skincare products. It’s also rich in omegas 3, 6, 7 and 9, in particular, Omega-7 is highly praised for its ability to rejuvenate the skin.

Ginger is a brilliant anti-inflammatory when used in food. It’s been known to boost your immune system and help to promote healthy sweating, particularly when you have a cold. In addition to ginger being cleansing for the inside of the body it’s also excellent for the skin. It has potent antioxidant properties which helps to fight signs of premature ageing and regenerate skin cells.

Likewise, chamomile is great to treat the symptoms of the common cold and flu, as well as helping to strengthen skin and internal organs by improving their energy. Chamomile cleanses the body, not just inside but out. The antibacterial properties help to improve you skin’s appearance. Chamomile soothes redness and irritation in a matter of seconds as it’s also an anti-inflammatory herb.

Are you someone who is prone to bloating or bad digestion? Lavender contains a type of antioxidant called polyphenols, which can help to decrease ‘bad’ bacteria in your gut and can therefore help with bloating and poor digestion. Lavender oil is renowned for assisting people to be stress-free and that’s something we definitely need in our New Year! If you feel stressed, why not purchase a lavender pillow to put by your bed while you sleep to aid relaxation. When used in any skincare products, the scent lowers your heart rate and blood pressure making you more relaxed. Lavender oil also helps to overcome scalp conditions and calm itchy skin because of its anti-inflammatory assets.

Rosemary is a decent source of vitamin A and iron when consumed in your diet and is also well-known to assist with digestion problems. As it is a brilliant immune system booster, it has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties once consumed. When used in skincare products, rosemary is thought to increase circulation, especially when applied to the scalp. This may then improve hair growth. Rosemary is also a very common ingredient to use in anti-aging creams as it decreases puffiness and increases firmness.