It’s that time of year where we’re all busy getting ready to go back to school but for young teens who struggle with acne, this can be one of the most difficult times to control or even prevent flareups. Many factors such as stress, added pressure, increased responsibilities or activity can all be triggers for acne breakouts. Also, with all the added stress and pressure, teens may have less time for daily regimes such as their skincare routine and this can have a great impact on the skin.

This is one of the reasons that we created Antiac. An affordable, practical but above all effective way to naturally treat acne without the discomfort or damage to the skin that harsh chemicals and lasers can cause. Antiac has allowed our customers to be acne free and to overcome issues with self-esteem.

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We have some great tips, not just for going back to school but for all year round:

  • Have a daily skin care routine.

This is probably the most important thing when suffering with acne or acne-prone skin. Your skincare routine does not need to be long or complicated at all, just taking some time out maybe in the morning whilst getting ready or even in the evening when getting ready for bed. Just finding a time most suitable for you that you know you will stick to.. Also, it is helpful to wash your skin after exercising or exposure to heat which leads to sweating. This is a great way of maintaining your skin throughout the day.

  • Plan for a healthier diet.

Food is another trigger for acne flareups. Both what you eat and what you don’t eat can help keep your acne under control. Foods that have been said to be linked to acne breakouts are known as high glycaemic foods. These foods, as well as highly processed foods, break down easily in the gut and increase blood sugar levels. The spike in blood sugar levels are said to be a trigger for acne as the effect causes the skin to produce more oil and clog pores, increasing the risk of acne flareups.

Instead of relying on fast food, plan meals ahead that are rich in protein and fibre with plenty of healthy fats and try to avoid excessive carbohydrates that will spike blood sugar levels. Take time to shop and meal prep in advance. Obviously, that doesn’t mean you can never enjoy a cheeky takeaway or some treats with friends, these should be considered treats and not everyday meals.

  • Make sure to sleep well.

Having the right amount of sleep each night and taking that time out to allow your mind and body to rest and rejuvenate is very important. During sleep we allow our body to heal, our cell growth accelerates and our bodies get the rest they need to maintain health. It is no surprise that our sleep is important for many reasons, including our skin health, as being tired stresses out the body and that is what we want to avoid. The stress hormone can be a huge contributor to inflammation in the skin, leading to breakouts and flareups. Make sure you are getting a good 6-10 hours of sleep each night to maintain healthy skin and allow your body to function at its prime and most optimal level.

  • Manage stress

Not only can going back to school be stressful but the school year in general can become quite draining, with getting back into a routine, upcoming assignments or even end of year exams. You will find, at some point, that this may all get a bit challenging. There are many varied reasons stress can occur, and some stress will just happen, but if you can avoid unnecessary stress you could help reduce the risk of breakouts or flareups. Try to reduce stress at all costs by planning ahead so you don’t need to worry about last-minute cramming and make sure to fit in plenty of downtime into your schedule, as it is key to take time out and look after yourself so your skin can have a chance to look after itself as well.

Finally, we have a few recommendations:

Be patient – Give each product enough time to work so you can see results. We recommend using our Antiac range for up to 6 weeks before seeing results or maximum effect.

Be committed – Follow the recommended usage for each product to allow it to work and for you to gain maximum results. Avoid stopping and starting the use of products as your skin changes and try to use the products regularly as using them once or twice will not allow it to work to its full potential.

Follow directions – Not using the product correctly can result in it not being effective.

Do not overdo it – It is just as bad to use too much of a product as it is to use too little. Always follow the instructions listed on the packaging.

Most teenagers, at some point, have or experience suffering with acne or acne-prone skin. You are not alone, and we are here to help!

If you struggle with acne and haven’t tried Antiac yet, remember we offer a  (not that you’ll need it!), so give it a go if you’re sinking in a sea of confusing acne treatments and remedies.

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